Cris Cassidy pornstar - "Hot Pink"


Name: Hot Pink

Country: United States


Year: 1984

Language: English

Duration: 64 min

Indulge in hot pink, pulsating, groin-aching, clit matic collection of luscious lesbos as they rub and tongue their playmates to throbbing orgasmic ecstasy. The threshold of erotica unfolds at your fingertips when tantalizing Tiffany Clark openly invites the sexational talents of succulent Silvia Bennedict. Adsorbs the mouth-watering thrust of penthouse pet Ginger Beach unleashing her carnivorous cravings on raven who cunningly welcomes her prey. Wet with anticipation... and the pink gets hotter. From the savagery of Gina Martelli and the shameless intimacy of Stacy Donavan. To the pleasure-pressured probes of Breezy-these nymphet's are eager as beavers to please to tease whatever it takes to reach that ultimate erogenous sphere where erotica replaces ecstasy.


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Actress: Raven,Stacey Donovan,Crystal Breeze,Cris Cassidy,Beverly Rogers,Tiffany Clark,Jennifer West,Phadra Grant,Gina Martell,Tammy,Sylvia Benedict,Brooke Bennett

Cris Cassidy pornstar - "Hot Pink"

Thursday, April 19, 2018


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