Suzy Andersson sex in "Porr i Skandal-Skolan"


Name: Porr i Skandal-Skolan

Language: Swedish

Country: Sweden

Duration: 85 min

Director: Mac Ahlberg

Year: 1974

Actress: Brigitte Maier,Kim Frank,Teresa Svensson,Monica Andersson,Annica Salomonsson,Berit Agedahl,Suzy Andersson

Categories: Suzy Andersson sex, 1974, Sweden, Swedish, Mac Ahlberg, Brigitte Maier, Kim Frank, Teresa Svensson, Monica Andersson, Annica Salomonsson, Berit Agedahl, Suzy Andersson, Rune Hallberg, Jim Steffe

Actors: Rune Hallberg,Jim Steffe

In 1991 their anual output reached a climax, but in the following years the viewers seem to loose interest in their cheaply produced gonzo movies, so that the last issue of “Teenies Extrem” was released in 1998. The porn company broke up around 2000 after releasing around 280 titles on VHS tape and a handful of DVDs. Around 2007 the erotic discount company Withmann (Gorich Studio) owned the copyrights for all the old Canai stuff and start re-releasing the old material together with his companion Magerstaedt through their shops in NRW late in 2008, but also distributes them the whole of Germany. For business reaguys they slighty changed the old name to Kanei, but the origin and layout are easy to identify. After remastering the old tapes they even left the common mixed scene policy untouched.

Suzy Andersson sex in "Porr i Skandal-Skolan"

Thursday, October 18, 2018


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