70s sex movies in "101 Acts Of Love"


Name: 101 Acts Of Love

Suffering from a terrible print used by SWV to preserve this white-coater, it is nonetheless a subpar hardcore porn offering from the pseudo-documentary era. I'm sure the other vid companies (Blue Underground, Salvation, etc.) aren't wasting time trying to restore this baby to pristene original quality.

Actors: Gerard Broulard,John Keith

Categories: 70s sex movies, 1971, United States, English, Eric Jeffrey Haims, Annette Michael, Debra Christian, Gerard Broulard, John Keith

Actress: Annette Michael,Debra Christian

Director: Eric Jeffrey Haims

Year: 1971

Duration: 46 min

Country: United States

Language: English

70s sex movies in "101 Acts Of Love"

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


70s sex movies1971United StatesEnglishEric Jeffrey HaimsAnnette MichaelDebra ChristianGerard BroulardJohn Keith

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