Suzanne Fields in English spanking classics


Name: Alley Cat

Year: 1973

Country: United States

Director: Otto Von Lickity

Language: English

Duration: 49 min

Categories: English spanking classics, Suzanne Fields, 1973, United States, English, Otto Von Lickity, Suzanne Fields, Sandy Dempsey

Actress: Suzanne Fields,Sandy Dempsey


The Alleycat (not the Radley Metzger film with a similar title) is a well-meaning bit of grindhouse program fodder directed by the mysterious "Otto von Lickit". We are introduced to Book and Chessie. Book is a struggling screenwriter and Chessie, apparently, a sometimes streetwalker/sometimes girlfriend. Desperate for cash to pay the rent, Book hooks up Chessie with a job on a porn film.

Suzanne Fields in English spanking classics

Saturday, February 11, 2017


English spanking classicsSuzanne Fields1973United StatesEnglishOtto Von LickitySandy Dempsey

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