Eve Orlon : Retro interracial movies


Name: Teenage Hustler

The director's credit on-screen reads "Ricado Malatote", the usual credit went to "Harry Nixon", but cult fave Ray Dennis Steckler has TEENAGE HUSTLER in his bag of tricks.Spotlighting an extremely sexy one-shot artiste "Mary Monroe" in several sex scenes the film is easy to absorb, even if crudely made. It tells the story of English Billy Boynton, described as a con man and a sex freak. In tandem with his confederate, an unscrupulous porn photographer, he schemes to bed down prostitutes and then blackmail them with photos of them in action.This makes very little sense, but is the hook for 64 minutes of porn. The girls are mainly no-name talent, including Amazonian Monroe (she towers over the male cast), busty, attractive and fresh looking. Late in the film the busy Eve Orlon plays another prostitute they scam named Trixie.English Billy eventually gets his comeuppance, but film ends promising a sequel purportedly concerning his new landlady and her daughter, which likely was never made.Depending on one's tolerance for 1-day wonders, this baby is worth watching to see Monroe in action and Orlon doing her usual thing. IMDb has John Seeman listed in the cast but he never shows up.

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Actors: Jon Martin,John Seeman,Charles Orlando,Rick Martino

Actress: Eve Orlon,Mary Monroe,Liz Wilson,Glenda Turner,Barbara O'Farrell

Year: 1976

Language: English

Director: Ray Dennis Steckler

Duration: 70 min

Country: United States

Eve Orlon : Retro interracial movies

Saturday, April 15, 2017


Retro interracial moviesEve Orlon1976United StatesEnglishRay Dennis StecklerMary MonroeLiz WilsonGlenda TurnerBarbara O'FarrellJon MartinJohn SeemanCharles OrlandoRick MartinoInterracialBlack

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