70s sex videos - "Nackt und kess am Konigssee"


Name: Nackt und kess am Konigssee

The 'Königssee' is a beautiful lake located in Bavaria and surrounded by high mountains. Looking back at the history of the Bavarians, the narrator starts introducing Toni, the poacher, and his wife Marein to us. After Toni has said good-bye to her she's visited by Franz, the host's son with whom she will have sex later. The story continues on a quiet sunday morning. After church Zenzi, the chambermaid of the guesthouse, meets her boyfriend, a farm worker, in a stable. They have fast sex which leaves her really disappointed. Meanwhile the male inhabitants have gathered in the guesthouse as a stranger appears. MacFitz is wearing a kilt and turns out to be a Scotsman. He then rents a room for the night. At night he's visited by Resie, the waitress, but he refuses sex with her. After he has hidden in a wardrobe she lays down in his bed to finger her clit. When she's ready she reaches for a book which belongs to him. It must be some kind of diary from which she learns that he is searching for a private herb which will cure him of his impotence. The news spreads fast among the natives and everybody tries to find out where the herb grows. The following sex scenes seem to be just fantasies: Ernie (the host's wife) has lesbian sex with Zenzi and the mayor bangs Ernie. The host himself seduces his chambermaid Resie. After she has milked his cock between her huge tits MacFitz takes over immediately. He has obviously overcome his crisis and spurts huge loads on her back. MacFitz knows that a private map is hidden in the wall of the city hall. At night he goes there but is disturbed various times. The mayor finds him takes the map away. Next morning MacFitz is found by the crowd and tells them what has happened. They follow the mayor to Toni's farm which is the only place where the herb grows. In the end we get a great showdown between Toni, who has been caught in the act, and the rest of the pack.

Country: Germany

Language: German

Year: 1977

Duration: 91 min

Director: Jurgen Enz

Actress: Britt Corvin,Angelika Hefner,Marita Juchen,Renate Ruhland,Uta Parris

Actors: Sepp Gneissl,Jurgen Enz,Willi Neuhaus,Anderl Bauerl,Peter Thom,Peter Scholz,Diddi Schmid,Ralph Schrob

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70s sex videos - "Nackt und kess am Konigssee"

Sunday, September 18, 2016


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